This project has been discontinued, we’d like to thank all our users for their continued support and feedback 🙂

Welcome to the Sudoku Ultimate FAQ. Here the most common questions about Sudoku Ultimate are answered. If your question is not among them; please use the form in the bottom of this page or send an email to: qdvsoftworks@gmail.com

I’ve solved all the puzzles..
Congratulations! If you’d like to solve any puzzle again you can long-click them and choose the ‘Reset’ option, or try generating new ones!

It takes a long time to generate a new puzzle.
The generation is based on a buffering system, please wait a few minutes/hours and there should be plenty of more puzzles.

What does the puzzle names mean?
Nothing, nothing at all….

What does the ‘Solver’ do?
The solver lets you input your own Sudoku puzzle to either solve yourself, get hints for or let the application solve for you.

How can I navigate around the application?
Sudoku Ultimate uses a ‘Left drawer’ for navigation. Simple press the application icon in the top left corner to show it.

How can I learn to play Sudoku?
Visit the ‘How to play’ page from the help page for a introduction to Sudoku.

How can I learn more about the strategies/solving techniques?
The help page contains a full listing and explanations of all strategies in Sudoku Ultimate.

The hints does not show all strategies:
You can select what hints you would like to see in the settings under ‘Strategies’

Can I change what is highlighted?
Yes, in settings under the heading ‘Gameplay’

Can I change the appearance of the board?
Yes, in settings under the heading ‘Appearance’

I’m stuck on a puzzle..
Try using the hinting functionality, it shows you possible changes.

It says there are notes in error..
This means some of the numbers in the notes can’t be placed in their cells, because it would violate the Sudoku constraints(ex: a cell can’t have the note 4 if the cell next to it has the value 4). Try using the clear notes and fill notes actions to solve this.

Can I see what notes are in error?
Yes, select ‘notes’ in the setting ‘Always highlight conflicting values’

Can I change how hints works?
Yes, you can select what strategies the hint button should use, or if it should simply set a correct value.

What does the Analysis tool do?
The analysis tool checks what strategies can be applied to the puzzle in its current state, what strategies are needed to solve the puzzle, it’s difficulty and if it has a unique solution or not.