Sudoku Ultimate

This project has been discontinued, we’d like to thank all our users for their continued support and feedback πŸ™‚

The premier free sudoku puzzle lets you solve sudoku puzzles with difficulty ranging from very easy to very hard. The application comes filled with free puzzles for both the novice and the pro. A simple to use board with extended features such as notes, highlighting and error detection allows any user to play and enjoy Sudoku.

The hint button allows you to examine the puzzle using simple and advanced solving strategies, to help both for when you are stuck and when you wish to learn new solving techniques. Premium features include unlimited puzzles, advanced hints and analyzingΒ  functionality.

If you are looking for a fun sudoku experience, to improve your skill or to test yourself on some of the hardest puzzles out there, then Sudoku Ultimate is for you.

You can download Sudoku Ultimate at Google play:
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● Five difficulties
● Intelligent hints
● Undo functionality
● Fill and clear notes
● Highlighting
● Error detection
● Reset puzzles
● Supports both your phone and tablet
● Learn common solving techniques
● Timer and statistics
● Solve any Sudoku puzzle
● Create and play unlimited amount of puzzles
● Analyze puzzles
● Over 15 advanced solving strategies
● Auto-erase notes

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