This project has been discontinued, we’d like to thank all our users for their continued support and feedback 🙂

Welcome to the SchematicMind FAQ.
Here the most common questions about SchematicMind are answered. If your question is not among them; please use the form in the bottom of this page or send an email to: qdvsoftworks@gmail.com

Does SchematicMind cost me anything?
No SchematicMind is free for all users.

Can I print my mind map as an image?
Yes, you can print and share all your mind maps as images.

I accidentally scrolled away from the map I was viewing!
No problem, press the home button (house) in the top action bar, this will return you to the central topic.

Can my device run SchematicMind?
SchematicMind requires an Android device running version 2.3 or higher. It also requires a touch screen.

Is SchematicMind available for Iphone/Chrome/PC?
No, Currently SchematicMind is only available for Android devices.

There is a topic I can’t delete!
Only the central topic cannot be deleted since that would delete your entire map. Please consider renaming it instead.

Is there a way to connect two topics?
Yes,  you can add additional lines between topics. You can also change the appearance of the lines.

Can I add notes to the topics?
Yes you can add notes to each topic.

How can I share my mind maps with others?
You can achieve this by exporting the mind map from the main view. The resulting file can be opened on any device running SchematicMind. With the premium upgrade you can also share your mind map as an image.

Can I open files from other mind mapping tools?
No, SchematicMind does not support this

Is there an option to export all maps?
Yes, it can be found in the main view, by either clicking the overflow button or on the menu key (located on your device).

I get an error message when importing a mind map!
It is most likely that the file you are trying to import is corrupted (remember SchematicMind can only import maps that has been created in SchematicMind)

Can I undo/redo?
Yes, expand the menu bar and you should see both undo and redo buttons.

Can I change the parent topic?
Yes, you can use cut and paste to achieve this.

Why does SchematicMind need access to my device storage?
SchematicMind only uses your device storage to import or export mind maps.

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20 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Can I convert my mind maps to outline form so I can manipulate the information in other ways?

  2. I recommend adding a full screen mode for phones. On a smaller screen the UI + banner takes up too much space, especially if you want to take a screenshot. Even auto-hide nav bar would be helpful. I’m telling people, this is the best mindmap app for Android.

  3. Please can you assist- have downloaded your great app to my phone & i wish to send myself a copy of my small mind map diagram as a picture jpg file. How do i do this been pulling my hair out would appreciate your assistance kind regards Paul

    • Hi Paul,

      SchematicMind does not currently support printing pictures, however we are working on implementing this in the future.

      QDV Softworks

  4. If it’s a small map, you might consider adjacent screenshots, and stitch them with some graphics programme – for now?

  5. Hi,

    my phone had currently a shutdown, and now all files of SchematicMind are deleted! Do you know how to fix this? Are they automatically stored somewhere?



    • Hi Lilly, I’m sorry for your loss of data. Unfortunatly there is no backup specific for SchematicMind, so I’m afrad that there is no way for schematicMind to recover your files.

  6. Is it possible to move one tree (or part of a tree) to a different part of the tree or a different branch?

  7. Thanks for this app!!!
    A cool future feature should be the reposition of a piece of the tree ^^
    i.e. A*B-C-D to D-C*A*B or A*D*B-C


  8. I got an “unfortunally app stopped…” after its update, all known ways dont help, what can I do to fix?

  9. Really nice and easy to learn mindmap-tool. I have 2 minor suggestions though:

    1: The projects should only boot up in Home-mode if the user tapped the Home-button as last action before exiting the app. In all other instances the map should boot up in Overview-mode. At least I think so.
    2: The projects should boot up in non-edit-mode requiring tapping an Edit-toggle in order to change/add something. My maps sometimes gets accidentally jumbled-up then I scroll and navigate through them.
    3: Consider making the thought-bubbles considerably smaller if there’s no text in them. So small that they just look like bolded crossing-points.

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