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Welcome to QDV Softworks,

This project has been discontinued, SchematicMind and Sudoku ultimate Android applications are still available for download in Google Play, but will no longer be supported.

We’d like to thank all our users for their continued support, suggestions and enthusiasm 🙂


22 thoughts on “QDV Softworks

  1. Hi Love your programme SchematicMind. Only one problem, how do I use this export xml file? Can this be used in word? If so, how? Is there another export file type alternative? I operate between pc and tablet and would love to create on one during meetings and copy it across to windows based apps for development.
    Many thanks for any help.

    • Hi,

      Thank you for using SchematicMind.

      The xml files are used to transfere Mind maps between devices using SchematicMind. Unfortunatly there are currenyly no options to import this into word, visio or other mind mapping programs.
      We are planning on adding additional export options in our next major software update. This would allow you to store your maps in a format that can be read by pc mind mapping programs.

      QDV Softworks

  2. We’re all looking forward to that;
    And/Or a Windows version with mind map sharing 🙂

    • Please leave any sharing or other “cloud” features COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. (Even better, let Dropbox and its competitors handle that operation while you ignore it and work on the mind-mapping software.)

  3. Excellent software, very simple to use, doesnt divert you mind with extra functionality and helps you focus on your productivity. If you can send us an XML template for infopath, html or anything similar, we can replace the exported xml code,atleast to print and share ideas, it would super great. Any ways keep up the good work.

  4. Great piece of work made so simple.
    yes, being able to print out the masterpiece we each created for ourselves will really be a big plus.
    Roll out a commercial one and start charging a reasonable amount. You did good and we will buy.

  5. This is a really slick program. I have tried quite a few mind map programs for the Android and I believe this to be the best overall.

    however, it needs to be able to move links to another node; ideas change and are developed over time and I can’t rebuild the map to reflect the new structure.

  6. Aplicativo muito bom. A ideia de usar um mind mapp como Getting Started eh muito boa.

  7. Please work on a reconnection mode. I cannot rebuild the map when my ideas change. I’d like to move a link to another node or create a new node between to others to follow a new branch of thoughts.

  8. Is there a paid/ad-free version? When I regularly use an app, I like to support the developers financially, but do not appreciate constant ads.
    Suggestion for improvement: some method of moving branches from one limb to another.

    • Hi Erik, There is no way to remove the ads as of yet, but we are working on something along those lines.

      Thank you for your suggestion, this is a popular request and we will probably implement it in the future.

      • +1, it would be very great to implement some method of moving branches from one limb to another.

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